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We Are The Air Compressor People

We are an air compressor sales and service company located in the City of Toronto. We have over 40 years of experience in the air compressor industry serving over 700 customers. We have 2 service trucks on the road and a shop to provide all your service needs. At Air equipment we offer our sales and service at the best price and stand behind our work.

DeVilbiss Air Compressor Experts

We stock and have most of the hard to find parts for almost any compressor made under the DeVilbiss name. From any portable to heavy duty pump that was made under the DeVilbiss name for over 100 years. When DV Systems needs an out of date part for a compressor Air Equipment is the first company they call. We have in our shop and on the shelf the most common DeVilbiss, DV Systems pumps rebuild and ready for exchange at a price that is better then replacing the pumps and less labour to install. The Air Equipment service trucks provide the installation of the exchange pumps at any location you require.

DV Systems

We are an authorized distributor for DV System air compressors that are made in Barrie Ontario for over 50 years. We carry their full line of product from there standard duty piston units to the new Rotary Screw Air Compressors. We also carry their full line of air filters and air dryers. We warranty what we sell. Air Equipment is a authorized DV System service center. DV Systems offers a industry leading 7 year warranty on their heavy duty piston units and a 5 year warranty on the rotary screw compressors. They also provide a 2 year warranty on the standard duty piston compressor line.

Repairs & Service

Air Equipment Company is a number 1 service company in the Toronto Area. All technicians are factory trained and attend updating regularly at the DV System factory in Barrie Ontario. We have been providing outstanding repairs and maintenance for well over 40 years to our valued customers. We have our own service contracts to suite all your equipment needs. We use our own manufactured oil and name brand filters. We also use factory supplied maintenance kits to meet the requirements of the DV System warranty conditions.

We provide service to the following makes of air compressors.

DV Systems air compressors

Champion air compressors

Techquip air compressors

We also service other brands of air compressors. Please call 416-252-5407 and we can discuss any service you require. We also service most small home use air compressors and are an authorized service center for some brands.

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  • Air Dryers & Filters

    ASD Air Dryers

    The ASD dryers are available from 10 CFM Through 500 CFM. These dryers meet the exacting standards that allow them to complement all DV System air compressors.

    Hankison Air Dryers

    The Hankison dryers are available from 5 CFM Through 500 CFM. These dryers are built in a space saving design and can match any air compressor.

    DryMax Air Dryers

    The Drymax air dryers air available from 10 CFM through 5000 CFM. These dryers will give the protection you need and remove the water from your compressed air. They are made to meet any compressor size.

    Desiccant Air Dryers

    The DD desiccant dryers from DVSystem deliver a dew point of -40. They are sized from 28 CFM to 115 CFM. These are used in applications such as labs and hospitals and industries that need dry air.

    Ecotron Condensate Filter

    The condensate discharged by a lubricated air compressor contains a significant quantity of oil and solid particles that, if not properly removed, will seriously pollute the environment. This mixture is classified as hazardous waste that cannot be discharged into the sewer.

    Series A Filters

    Small particles of oil, dust and other contaminants can pass through your process line and cause problems downstream. DV "Series A" filters effectively remove up to 99.9% of these particles and reduce quality problems and downtime.

    Parker Filters & Regulators

    We carry the full line of Parkers filters, regulators and lubricators. The size range from ¼” to 11/2”. We also carry the replacement parts and mounting brackets.

    Filter Elements

    We sell filter elements for most makes and models of OEM filters.

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  • Compressors

    Piston Air Compressors

    TechQuip HVAC Units

    Reliable and Economical Solution

    Splash lubricated cast iron pumps are designed for high air delivery at low speeds, reducing wear and downtime. Factory equipped with ASME standard air receivers and OSHA standard belt guard make these safe and energy efficient units for your HVAC and other small horsepower projects.

    TechQuip Base Mounted Fire System Compressors

    Reliable and Economical Solution

    Splash lubricated cast iron pumps are designed for high air delivery at low speeds, reducing wear and downtime. Factory equipped with OSHA standard belt guard make these safe and energy efficient units for fire system compressors.

    DVSystem Piston Compressors

    These rugged and reliable compressors are ideally suited for the light industrial, commercial or professional user. Designed for easy installation, all models with two stage pumps are pre-wired with magnetic starters. Single stage models require no starter. Built with the care and attention to detail that sets all DV compressors apart from the competition, all models are factory tested and independently certified.

    Heavy Duty Industrial Units

    Manufactured as DeVilbiss and Devair since 1954. The unique design features of DV Systems air compressors combined with quality craftsmanship and unparalleled service set us apart from other manufacturers. Every DV Systems air compressor features a quality engineered and constructed DV air compressor pump. Precision machined for quiet, efficient low-cost operation and long dependable service.

    Champion Air Compressors

    With many models from which to choose in both single-stage and two-stage, we can match your needs exactly. These configurations, combined with a wide choice of options, provide all the components for a customized installation. They are available in both R-Series splash-lubricated and PL-Series pressure-lubricated models.

    TechQuip Piston Air Compressors

    Techquip all cast iron series compressors are designed for rugged industrial and automotive applications. The units are 2 stage and available in many configurations.

    Home Owner and Portable Compressors

    We carry a full line of compressors for the home owner. Please contact us for more information.

    Parts and Pumps

    We have available maintenance and service parts for most air compressors. We also have exchange pumps and new replacement pumps for most piston air compressors.

    Rotary Screw Compressors

    We are a distributor for DVSystem rotary screw air compressors.The DVSystem compressors are available from 5 horse power to 200 horse power.The units are available as base mounted units.The units are also available tank mounted with air dryers.The unit are available with VSD drives from 10 horse power to 200 horse power.

    Please inquire about hydro rebates on VSD compressors.The DVSystem compressors ae controlled by the advanced CSC300 controller. We also provide service and maintenance for all DVSystem rotary screw compressors.

    Call Air Equipment for all your rotary screw air compressor needs.

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